Areas Of Practice

Attorney Bensky concentrates his practice in three areas – employment law, civil litigation, and criminal law.

Employment Law

In representing employees and small and large businesses, Attorney Bensky helps clients deal with a wide range of employment issues. The following are examples of matters he has handled:
  • Employment Advice.
    • Helping businesses implement best practices to prevent or minimize disputes with employees
    • Helping clients resolve employment disputes amicably and at an early stage, before they grow into expensive, seemingly endless, and contentious litigation
    • Advising clients about specific actions to take to pursue or defend against employment claims
  • Preparation and Review of Employment Documents.
    • Employee handbooks
    • Employment agreements
    • Non-competition agreements
    • Severance agreements
    • Settlement agreements
  • Litigation Before Administrative Agencies and Courts.
    • Discipline, suspension, and discharge
    • Discrimination
    • Sexual harassment
    • Wage and hour
    • Non-competition disputes
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Albert Einstein